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  • michael
  • Born in 1983 Michael Solomon has practiced art when he was in the elementary school. He and his some class mates experiment with many art mediums like carpentry, pottery, montage arts, and he supports his class mates in art class and beside his education he also supports his school in the pedagogy department preparing maps, educational Aid art pieces and tools.
  • After he joined the art club in his town he mainly got a basic foundation of arts and pencil drawing very well by the respected instructor Buzayehu Girma. At that time Michael was very known art compition winner and having these energy and skills he joined the school of fine arts and design (Addis Ababa University).
  • As he experimenting he gets coffee as the main team for his creativity and most of his works reflects all about coffee using the coffee bean leafs flowers as a motive for the art pieces and depicts the unique coffee ceremony of Ethiopia.
  • For many years he experiments, reflects and working on coffee matters by joining coffee projects, expo, and exhibition in Ethiopia and abroad. He also exhibited his arts in many places.
  • Now, Michael based and working in Addis Ababa opening a studio named “Ertale Art Studio”. His Art works available in his studio and displayed in many Hotels, Private collections in Ethiopia, the USA, Kuwait and many European countries. He is consulting interior designers, architects, hotels and resorts and in his profession. he also thought gibson school and norwegian community school.
  • He is now the founding member and vice president of Ethiopian visual Artists Association.
  • awards
  • => Award from VOA an Utah mountain picture.
    • => Award for Oromo tradition three times.
    • => Award for a translation of Germany books to painting.
    • => Award for Government’s Higher Education institutions sport association Logo
    • => Award for Ethiopian center for Disability and Development Logo.
    • => Award for the 12th International colloquium on the recruitment of voluntary non – remunerated Blood Donors) logo
    • => Award for taking part in the four freedoms art completions in the embassy of the United States of America.
    • => Award for Addis Development vision on the faces of women III participating on the project.


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